Welcome to Logiciel Solutions

Why Us?

Being young and learning is the only way of growing old in technology! And we do just that.
With more than a decade of learning and multi-industry experience behind us, we at Logiciel are always ready to explore, take risks and innovate. We design and develop web based solutions such as ERP applications, MIS system, E-commerce applications and more.

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Software Development

We deliver powerful enterprise-wide applicationsĀ that enhance productivity and increase efficiencies across industries. Strengthen your business with reduced expenses and higher competitive advantage with advanced applications.

Web Development, Mobile Development

Websites and Web applications serve as the face of your organization often becoming the first point of contact with your customers and partners which could generate sales or build strong customer base.

Content Management Systems

Employing a Content management system becomes essential for an organization as it provides great flexibility in managing multiple databases without duplication, updating site content or publishing content across platforms.

ERP & MIS Solutions

Standardization and automation of business processes with effective ERP & MIS solutions reduces errors, saves on time and makes the team more efficient with powerful information on its fingertips.